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18 January 2022

I’m also now echoing Mary’s kindness by being kinder to myself

Review from Debbie Davidson, Bristol

Before coaching with Mary I was carrying a weight of feeling that I was unable to make decisions. The uneasiness that I felt in life as a mother of a toddler, wife, sister and daughter kept linking back to the way I tied myself up in knots around the decisions that I needed to make.  I wasn’t sure what I would ‘get’ from coaching as I felt that I should have been able to think myself out of the situation, but at the same time I was paralysed by the fear of making the wrong choice.

Mary’s kindness and the safe space that she offered me each week ensured that I had a way to explore my choices without judgement, but also to feel reflected back the most important elements. I’ve made strides in ‘doing’ rather than just ‘thinking’, which also helps me to hold others accountable if there is something that they should deliver to me.

I’m also now echoing Mary’s kindness by being kinder to myself. Partly this is achieved by zoning in on my fear and vulnerability head on so that I spend less time worrying about the options, and partly by realising that I can trust myself.

To anyone reading this, you deserve to have someone as wonderful as Mary on your team, supporting you with whatever your next steps are.  She will believe in you whilst you remember how to believe in yourself.