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11 January 2022

I am so glad I embraced this coaching opportunity so, to any woman considering coaching, I would say go for it! 

Review from Karen Henry, Suffolk

As I started coaching with Mary, I had been off work for a year due to stress and needing spinal surgery. I felt I was at a crossroads in my life, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to even return to work after being off for so long. The stress of this indecision was impacting my life as I wasn’t able to sleep properly, I was too stressed to do the things I used to enjoy such as crafting and reading, I was constantly looking for new jobs, some were far away so I would have to move too! 

Before engaging with the coaching programme, I used to read a lot of self help books, listen to podcasts and undertake training. The coaching gave me something that none of those things gave me which was, interaction and a platform to bounce ideas on and ask questions of myself which I never have before. I was able to deep dive into my thoughts and experiences then explore them with Mary. This added a dimension to my self-growth that I could never have achieved through books, podcasts or courses. 

Through use of the coaching tools, Mary was able to support me to explore why I wasn’t wanting to return to work, it was because I didn’t feel part of the team anymore, I didn’t feel I belonged there, I was desperately unhappy. Over the weeks, these thoughts were delved into, reframed and reflected upon in terms of how I was going to feel these values again. I now intend to stay in the job I’ve always loved, I am no longer looking to move house and I feel more settled. 

When I did the power type profile, I scored low in the Queen archetype as most of my life revolved around my family and their needs. I had a real problem with putting boundaries in place and never thought about my own needs. Mary gave me a tool which I could use to put boundaries in place, and as a person who loves lists and frameworks this simple tool was perfect for me and so effective. I now feel I have more control over my life. Throughout the programme, we used many tools which I was able to use in my everyday life at work and at home. I particularly enjoyed sharing them with my teenage son and daughter to support them in moments of stress or indecision. I felt like this took advice and mothering to a whole new level. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the coaching much more than I thought I would. I enjoyed spending time to think about my week and work on things that came up for me. The hours spent with Mary and the hours of reflection and ‘homework’ was time to focus on me which is rare thing. Although the main goal at the beginning was for me to figure out if I still wanted to be in my current job role, the coaching helped with all aspects of my life including my relationship with my husband and children. I now feel calmer in my work life, I consciously take time for myself to think about myself too which is something I rarely did before. 

Opportunities often come and go without us taking advantage of them and wishing we had. I am so glad I embraced this coaching opportunity so, to any woman considering coaching, I would say go for it!